Green Wars

A Remake of a Classic Game

In building Green Wars, we wanted to remake the classic DOS and TI-83 game Drug Wars (also called Dope Wars) but in a context that's more constructive than "slinging rock". So, we started with the same concept–buy low, sell high; travel to other areas; put money into savings; and take out loans. Then we added some additional components–your ability to buy products is limited to your credibility; your loan available determined by credibility; and your score limited by credibility.

How To Play Green Wars:

  1. When you start a game of Green Wars, you'll be started out in one Boston neighborhood with a limited amount of time and money. The point of the game is to gain as much green credibility and cash as possible before your time runs out. You're able to increase your credibility and cash by selling products. So, head to the "Trade" screen to see what products are available.
  2. The Trade Screen is where the fun begins. The idea of the game is to figure out what a good price for each item is, buy the item when it's at that price, and then sell the item for more than you bought it for. So, for example a good price for fixed gear bikes would be $150 - $400 or so. Fixed gear bikes can cost up to $900, so hang on to those bikes until they're worth more than you purchased them for, and then sell. Each time you sell you gain credibility. The amount of credibility you gain varies based on the item. The more expensive and complex the item, the more credibility you earn within the green industry. Your credibility ends up factoring in to the products available for you to buy, the credit line you have with the bank, and your final score.
  3. Once you've purchased items from one area, you need to travel to another area. On the Travel Screen, you chose what neighborhood to which you want to travel. The neighborhood you're currently in won't show up on that screen and the prices will change randomly no matter which area you travel to, so you can select any area. Each time you travel you lose a day. So, this adds the first degree of complexity to the game. You'll need to balance traveling and selling. For example, if you could make a small amount of profit selling an item, should you? Or, should you travel again—which will cost you a day—but could mean higher profits in the next neighborhood.
  4. If you need extra cash or you have extra cash when you're about to travel, you may want to consider visiting the Loan Screen or the Savings Screen. The Loan Screen allows you to take out a loan (not surprisingly). Loans are a great way to have enough cash to afford another item or two. You'll want to pay back the loan quickly though as it accrues interest at just over 5% per day. Keep in mind that the amount you can borrow is influenced by the amount of credibility you have. So, buying and selling frequently will mean that you'll have a bigger line of credit with the bank. On the other side of things, if you've filled your storage up with as many products as you can and you still have cash left over, then you may want to consider putting that money in savings. The money you have in savings earns interest at just over 3% each time you travel.

Get the App Now From iTunes

We've got some plans for the future too. We're working on adding some new, random events. We're going to be adding some new locations to visit and more products. We're also looking in to taking advantage of some of the new abilities Apple will be rolling out with the 3.0 version of the iPhone software. We'll keep you posted on all the new features we add in upcoming releases.

To send us direct feedback on the application: email us at support at orangatank dot com.