We Like Development

Maybe you have a great idea, but don't know how to execute it. Maybe you had something built a while ago that needs some updating. Maybe you don't want to pay the cost of bringing your development in-house. We can help.

Web Development

We've worked on quite a few web development projects for a variety of purposes. We've written sites using PHP, ASP, JSP, Python, and Ruby on Rails. We have plenty of experience developing standards compliant XHTML and CSS pages. We've incorporated some fancy techniques using a variety of javascript frameworks including jQuery, MooTools, and Prototype. We've customized and installed CMS software, CRM software, and blog software. Basically, we can make nearly any web project happen.

Software Development

We've had experience developing software for a variety of purposes. We've worked on everything from enterprise software to simple games. We've developed software in C, C++, C#, Java, and Objective C. We've written software for Mac and Windows. We've had experience designing and implementing UI and UX for complicated software applications. If you're looking to start a new software application, we would be happy to lend some of our expertise to make sure you get the finished product you're expecting.

Mobile Application Development

Are you looking to take advantage of the blossoming mobile market? With several mobile platforms already operational and several more set to open soon, mobile is fast becoming one of the most promising areas of development. We've had experience developing applications for the iPhone/iPod using Objective C and for Android-enabled phones using Java. We're also closely monitoring the Palm Pre, the S60 app store, and the Blackberry App Store. Whether you're looking for someone with first-hand experience to take a look at what you're working on, or if you're looking for someone to develop your project, we can help. Check out one of our iPhone applications, Green Wars.

Interested? Send an email to nate at orangatank dot com.